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Bank Instruments

Bank Instruments
We advise both on the overseas investing options for all citizens and worldwide investment.

What to Expect

  • We have knowledge and experience to negotiate the proper Pre-Advise, in this way Bank instrument can be traded, leveraged, sold or negotiated. Simply put, we take into consideration the needs of the Client prior any attempt is made.
  • Provision of a Project, and Credit Enhancement Bank Instrument, is assigned in personal or corporate name of the Applicant, as specified and agreed by Contract/Agreement. Asset or Instrument where the client is able to have his/her bank issue a MT-760 with the proper and standard Blocked Funds verbiage would qualify. This would include: Cash (Blocked Funds), Bank Guarantees, Stand By Letters of Credit, MTN, LTN, many more.

Development Milestones

Owned & Leased BG’s and SBLC’s issued by top world banks acceptable:

  • LTV up to 80%
  • Minimum Face value of 10m
  • Providers Bank provides an RWA Letter
  • Client receives contract from monetizer
  • MT799/199 pre-advise by clients/providers bank to monetizers bank.
  • Monetizer responds with MT799-Payment
  • Monetizer undertakes clients/providers bank to cover payment and fees
  • MT760 by client/provider bank to monetizers bank
  • Funding within 24 hours of MT760 approval

What We Can Do

  • We can monetize about any type of bank instrument including CD’s, BG’s, SBLC’s, Blocked Funds Letters, Banker’s Drafts, Gems and Gold SKR’s. Instruments can be delivered via SWIFT, DHL or  email.  We will assist in providing a full recourse loan or a non-recourse.

Sample Products List

  • Monetize Alfa Bank, Rosbank, Serbank BG
  • Accept BG,SBLC,SBG,BD,PN With MT 799/760
  • Accept Medium Term Notes [MTN]  799/760
  • PPP trading funding for GEMS, GOLD MINES
  • Acceptance of Promissory Note 799/760
  • We accept Heritage Funds into Trade Programs

Purchase and Lease!


  • Amount invested by the client: $100.000.000
  • Amount invested in the program: $80.000.000
  • Advance 5%, paid in 72 Hours: $5.000.000
  • Bullet Trade Program for 10 Days with 200% Profit: $160.000.000
  • Bullet Trade Program for 30 Days with 800% Profit: $640.000.000
  • Trade Program of 40 weeks, with 100% Profit
  • Possibility of double bullet (to be verified) and Fresh Cut instruments workable with bank RWA.

Is it possible a Leased Bank Instrument Monetization?

Leased Bank Instrument can be monetized but not because it is an asset. A Leased Bank Instrument can be monetized because the Lease “the right to use the asset for a predetermined period of time”

  • Has Value
  • Can be used to create a Profit 

Foreign Business Loans?

The banking entity may be a branch, an agency, an international banking facility or a foreign owned bank. The physical location of a lending institution is not as important due to electronic banking and online services now day available and reliable.

Foreign Business Loans Lending Criteria Analysis

Hard to work?

Lower rated and lesser known banks can occasionally be worked with, this includes banks in Countries which are typically hard to work with.

  • The bank and confirming bankers will have to pass the scrutiny of monetizer’s lawyers and bankers doing in depth due diligence on the asset, bank and bankers involved to verify everything is as stated.

What is Bank Guarantee Scam?

  • Unrated Bank 1: The Insolvent Bank
  • Unrated Bank 2: The Claytons Pretend
  • Unrated Bank 3: Not a Bank
  • Unrated Bank 4: The Old Swift Machine in the Basement Trick
  • Unrated Bank 5: Swift.Net Only

BG Lease & Monetization?

  • Specifications:  Clean Stand By Letter Of Credit is available by Int. bank
  • Total amount/availability:  Minimum10M Euro/USD subject to approval
  • Lessee Fees:  Between 8% to 12 % of Face Value  & Plus 3% to 5%
  • Monetization:  LTV: 70-85% of face value & Monetization Fees: 8%
  • Closing Time:  Within 21 days

How a monetizer can make money from monetizing a Leased Bank Instrument?

  • Step 1: Monetizer receives the Leased Bank Instrument by DTC, Swift MT760 or on Euroclear or etc.
  • Step 2: The Monetizer Draws a Line of Credit against the Leased Bank Instrument [ Note: the Line of Credit is ONLY Valid 1 year because the LOC has to be issued and aligned with the life of the Leased Bank Instrument and therefore has to be repaid in full 15 days prior to the Leased instruments expiry ]
  • Step 3: The Monetizer then pays the client their Non-Recourse Monetization Payment i.e. 50 to 65% of the value of the Leased Bank Instrument [ Often the monetization is completed in 2 or 3 payments over the course of 30 days – ref. Step 4 ]
  • Step 4: The Monetizer then takes the balance of the money from the Line of Credit and places these funds into Trade / PPP using a proprietary trading platform. This platform is a group of experienced often bank traders who use the monetizers cash and trade it generating significant profit returns on a weekly or monthly basis [ Often the Platform uses normal trading risk protection strategies to ensure the Monetizers funds receive significant protection from all trading downside risk ]
  • Step 5: 15 Days prior to expiry of the Leased Bank Instrument the the monetizer uses some of the cash profits he has made from trading to repay the Line of Credit he raised the original funds against in Step 1. He then also returns the Leased Instrument unencumbered to its original issuing bank.

Purchase and Lease!



LTV will vary depending on issuing bank & jurisdiction
Docs: CIS + copy Bond/Instrument | CIS + POF
Duration: 12 Months

Are you an expert with an MBA, University level degree, 5+ years of practical experience and strong urge to overachieve?

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