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  1. Research on sustainability and innovation-driven economic growth has exposed a lack of sufficient knowledge in the governance literature* about the appropriate extent of government involvement. We would like to focus on the governance of innovation and the intermediary role of the state: the concept of intermediation in the innovation process, the interactions and intermediation between government, industry and universities, and the role played by intermediaries, including public and private institutions, government bodies and independent organizations.
    • A new theoretical framework for the analysis of intermediation and the governance of innovation is developed and applied to many case of intermediaries in the health technology cluster in the Greater South East region of the UK. The empirical findings demonstrate the heuristics of the intermediation concept and the application of the intermediation framework.

Detailed argument can be treated behind request:

  1. Banking and financial intermediation
  2. Corporate governance, agency theory and equity ownership structure
  3. Corporate and strategic finance, strategic management and organisation studies
  4. Financial development and inclusion, economic development
  5. Finance, growth, institutional development and law
  6. Privatisation and government-controlled firms
  7. Monetary economics and policies, fiscal policy and government budgets
  8. Financial stability, markets and instruments, and financial crises
  9. Portfolio theory, asset pricing and market microstructure
  10. Financial literacy, planning and personal finance; financial and managerial accounting
  11. Behavioural finance and experimental economics
  12. Family business, microfinance and SMEs, business groups and conglomerates
  13. Multinational finance and international economics
  14. ASEAN economic community; local governance and regional development
  15. Corruption and rent seeking behaviours

(*) Todeva, Emanuela (2013): Governance of Innovation and Intermediation in Triple Helix Interactions

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