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Supply Chain & Negotiations

Supply Chain & Negotiations
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Key Factors & Strategies

  1. Achieve SG&A cost reduction visible in the bottom line. We work with our clients to define smart consumption policies to optimize spend, and architect the necessary zero-based budgeting, control, and monitoring processes to affect real and lasting change in spending and consumption patterns.
  2. Forming the holistic vision of how to deliver the greatest value for each core spend category and defining a plan to achieve each category’s desired result through the strategic category plan (e.g. improved quality, improved cost, rationalization opportunities).
  3. Appropriate risk strategies to manage supply and commodity volatility risks throughout the lifecycle of the supplier relationship

Operations & Process Transformation

  • Exceptionally savvy companies manage these changes by developing broad, cohesive, end-to-end global operating strategies that enable profitable growth and staying nimble enough to respond to rapidly-changing conditions – strategies that not just account for the power of technology to drive innovation, but thrive on it. Our research consistently confirms that operational excellence and execution are key attributes of leading companies in any industry. Our experience shows that through the combination of the right operating model, the right business strategy, the right technology strategy and the right execution path, companies ride out recessions more successfully and emerge from them more quickly, developing competitive advantage regardless of economic conditions.

Sourcing & Procurement

  • Transforming Sourcing & Procurement from Business Service to High Performance Driver. We help our clients devise procurement strategies that truly create competitive advantage, supporting industry and enterprise-wide transformations in a way that integrates business, technology and operations.

Core Services

  • Insight Driven Value Chain Management
  • Business Process Management Lifecycle
  • Execution Excellence
  • Operations Transformation
  • Process Led Transformation Managed Services

Strategic Insights & Strong Execution

  • Operations and Process Transformation services drive the design and delivery of value-oriented operations transformations by taking a comprehensive end-to-end approach to achieving excellence in execution.

Deep Expertise

  • Our people have held executive-level positions in corporate strategy and operations groups worldwide. We are a world leader in Lean Six Sigma and analytics-driven supply chain transformations.

Commitment to high performances

  • Equipped with highly focused methodologies and tools, as well as the support of allied Cassiopea Group service lines and offerings, we can tailor our assistance to our client’s specific challenges. By analyzing the complex cause-and-effect interrelationships among an organization’s many parts and functions, we can determine the right road map for our client’s needs and empower its own teams to master the art of continuous value realization through execution excellence.

Supply Base Management

  • Implementing supply base management assists clients in managing their strategic and transactional suppliers to gain the optimum value per supplier segment, including for example improved yield from supplier collaboration and innovation or operational efficiencies. This is achieved through supplier segmentation, supplier development, supplier innovation / collaboration, and ongoing performance management (and more). Beyond the existing supply base, we also work with clients on methods to discover new suppliers to meet the evolving demands of their business.

Supply Chain Strategy

Through visionary research, our client experience and our vast network of expertise, we are always looking to advance the collective knowledge and innovation around sourcing and procurement.

  • Procurement Operating Model Blueprint
  • Procurement Value Targeting
  • Risk Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sourcing for Core Categories
  • Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB)
Demand Management, Core Categories, Risk Management and International Negotiations

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