Rules: Process is Simple!

  1. Complete at least Module 1
  2. Buy Service (1R, Baseline or Professional)
  3. We will elaborate data in 48 hours & Contact You
  4. We will balance model & deliver full package

Cassiopea Group Assessments

Module 1
Financial Assessment

Module 2
Strategy Assessment

How to use Surveys?

Insert your name!
Select your Offer!
Select your currency (EUR,USD)
Select your reference country for business purpose
Project Description
Project name
Pareto Average Price: it means that if you have 10 products with different prices, you need to select the products that generate your 80% of the turnover/revenues, make average price of such products.
Number of plant, factory or laboratory you have
Number of products families
Price range and selling simulation
Rate: number of product sold per hour or number of produced part per hour
If your products/selling are impacted by shipment to clients
If your cost (to produce your products) occures each year
Business Sector
If you have not renting cost please consider amount risk per month
Your workforce/team
Your opinion on your market
Guidelines on your Strategy
If you have CEO
If you consider Opening Events
Payment Terms by your clients
Payment Amounts by your clients
If you are looking for Investor acquisition percentage
Ranking of our assessment
Contact Method
Confirm & Launch Survey
Insert your name
Your basic information
Project Description & Mission
Share/Create brief speach
You need to complete at least 6 services you provide with related description
Set your objectives and your market share (you can refer to global stats to define the portion of market you want to attack)
Define your main business phases
Generate the SWOT (click here)
Describe Marketing RoadMap
Let us know something about Social Usage (Pilot Rabbit is like an Opening Event)
Customer Profiling (be detailed)
Your main values
Team description & photos
Survey Ranking
Your contact method
Confirmation & Launch Survey

Purchasing Final Step

If you have Special Needs

We Will Contact You!