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Marketing leverage is important for your business to engage its customers it is a tool to keep the conversation going. Engaging customers is different from pushing your offers. Engaging involves in fact furnishing your customers with relevant information about your products and your business as well.
  • It’s all about creating fresh content
  • Tell your customers what they don’t know
  • Social media is one of the best platforms
  • Some organizations use short videos and other humor laden tricks
  • Marketing gives them a sense of belonging
With CG-Marketing you can easily understand for each activity which is the most suitable cost to achieve a % of penetration level.
Values mentioned are the “minimum" you should spend to promote your brand, product, company (part of P&L Estimation)
CG Running_Simulation is a problem solving approach that utilizes a practical process (commonly referred to as “rule of thumb” or “best practice”) to produce a feasible solution good enough to quickly solve a particular problem & achieve immediate goals.
  • You can therefore calculate probability of profit it means the probability (upon 5 000 simulations) that your business can generate real profit. This is possible thanks to our Monte Carlo Statistic Algorithm applied:
The main advantage of adopting a heuristic approach is that it offers a quick solution which is easy to understand and implement Heuristic algorithms are practical, serving as fast and feasible short term solutions to planning and scheduling problems thanks to thousands of simulations!
CG-Overview is a simply way to show macro aggregated key data for the first 5 years
  • Green Line represents revenue trend in the target period
  • Red line is showing baseline cost will occur in the target period
It is important remember that CG GROSS PROFIT is the difference between REVENUES and DISCOUNT+COMMISSION (and not the difference between REVENUES and EXPENSES)
Break even point (BEP) is a term in accounting that refers to the situation where a company’s revenues and expenses are equal within a specific accounting period. It means that there are no net profits or no net losses for the company: it “broke even”
BEP may also refer to the revenues needed to be reached in order to compensate for the expenses incurred
Tracking BEP by Cassiopea Group is an useful tool to control your business bi-weekly or monthly. With this tool you will be able to cross-check your results versus original planning in terms of cost and revenues.
  • If you are in delay you must react in order to recover the GAP without having bad surprises!
  • If you are instead doing better you can amplify your profit!
CG Investment View is an easy way to understand where your investment return will be positioned in 3 and 5 years. Given an investment opportunity, a firm needs to decide whether undertaking investment will generate net economic profits or losses.
Net present value (NPV) is the difference between the present value of cash inflows and the present value of cash outflows over a period of time. By contrast, the internal rate of return (IRR) is a calculation used to estimate the profitability of potential investments.
  • NPV and IRR are two discounted cash flow methods used for evaluating investments or capital projects
  • NPV is the amount difference between the present value of discounted cash inflows less outflows over a specific period of time
  • If a project's NPV is above zero, then it's considered to be financially worthwhile
  • IRR estimates the profitability of potential investments using a percentage value rather than a dollar/ eur amount
CG Payroll View is an intuitive and easy way to understand where you are on a monthly base.
You can understand all relevant impacting area and have an idea of your minimum cost per month & You will be able since the beginning to know about your business
  • Which are your most important business partition to be fine tuned, adjusted, reduced in terms of cost
  • Increase the total profit at the end of the year
PRICING: CG-Average Price is a powerful tool able to define the PARETO of your main products to be sold in order to simulate in a deterministic way the theoretical AVERAGE PRICE for ONE of your VIRTUAL UNIT (unlinked by product package and/or services difference) on monthly basis.
Let’s think at your business like a big list of VIRTUAL UNITS having the same AVERAGE PRICE and sold in a MINIMUM QUANTITY established to guarantee profitability at your business also in the worst selling scenario!
  • PARETO is the part of your products that are most sold and/or directly connected with your profit
  • Remember that not all products generate fast profit!

COSTING: CG-Average Cost BOM is a powerful tool able to define the PARETO of your main costs linked to products or services in order to simulate in a deterministic way the theoretical AVERAGE COST for ONE of your VIRTUAL UNIT PRODUCED/SOLD (unlinked by product package and/or services difference) on monthly basis.
Let’s think at your business like a big list of VIRTUAL UNITS having the same COST TO BE ALLOCATED for their production in a MINIMUM QUANTITY established to guarantee the fastest BEP (Break Even Point) versus your placed Investment.
  • We always consider a small portion of “fixed cost” to be considered for all product pricing
  • Accelerate investment return!
CG-Spot Maps shows investment required for your activity/business and net return after 3 years. It is important to mention that during the target 3 years the green value indicated (profit) it is “on top” at least of the 50% of the investment recovery required.
Example: Investment of 58 k€ with a Profit of 88 k€ in 3 years
It means that with the business model:
  1. You have recovered 29 k€ of the original investment (the 50%)
  2. You have generated additionally 59 k€
  3. Such amount of 59 k€ can be used to cover the missing 50% of original investment (29 k€)
  4. Keeping you 30 k€ of net profit [or you can keep total of 59 k€ and recover debt in the future]

Questions/Answers: FAQ

YES! Cassiopea Group Business Model & Business Plan CAN BE used for banking and/or funding purpose thanks to our special and specific financials view included into the service provided. Naturally you need to have a minimum of technical competences to be able to discuss alone and deeply all data elaborated by Cassiopea.
We stay at your disposal in case of you need to use our document for funding and/or banking.
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  • If you have decided to ask for our support for Business Plan, clicking on Full Business Assessment, once (1) You have completed at least the MODULE 1 and (2) You have BOUGHT the SERVICE REQUIRED*
We will contact you within 48 hours to set and balance financial models and agree on all next steps in order to produce the final and complete Business Plan. Our clients are very different and time may vary up to the project difficulties, information available, number of financials interactios required, customer expectations, focus on details, etc etc.
Generally speaking in less than 10 days we are able to deliver the most of our Business Plan.
(*) Our main Business Plan Consulting Services:
The business model is the mechanism through which the company generates its profit while the business plan is a document presenting the company's strategy and expected financial performance for the years to come. As you can see, the business model is at the center of the business plan.
Cassiopea Group always start by Business Model prior to set company's strategy and the Business Plan in order to be able to always identify all required actions and changes based on financial sustainability and profit growth, avoiding paradox and removing unexpected bareers since the beginning.
If (1) You buy our Business Plan Products and (2) You will register in our website a special Area it will be available for you: Project Management. In this special section you will have
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  • milestones setting
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  • planning time-line
  • all financials simulations
  • our comments
  • attachments
  • much more features.
This tool allows you to have everything in just one folder!

Our main Business Plan Consulting Services:
Acquisition Percentage indicated in our Spot Maps IS the evaluation by Cassiopea Group of the amount/portion of your company you may sell/share with investors as per NPV and IRR calculation. Calculation is easy:
  • Acquisition% x ( P&L 3 Years + Investment ) = Share
    • I.E. 30% x ( 432.000 + 35.000 )€ = 140.000€
    • You can share 30% of your company for 140k€ Investor fee
We do not want you underevaluate your business!