ezLTN: Digital K-Asset
The aim of ezLTN project is support in a Smart Crowdfunding way all Start-Up and Innovative projects thanks to our customized smart contracts. At the same time we would like to list - as soon as possible - our token as the new generation token into the main exchange services and centers, allowing all people are supporting ezLTN programs, buying the token, to gain value through ezLTNs obtained during various ICOs. It is important remember that "buy ezLTN means give value and develop all start-up projects joining ICO". ezLTN project can really re-launch the world economy, working bottom-up & enhancing all ideas today unfortunately not able to collect funds!
ezLTN are digital tokens built and protected by blockchain technology. You can refer to our Official Pages: BSC Mainnet & ETH Mainnet
ezLTN token is an officialy Temporary K-Asset royalty right.
  1. ezLTN gives infact rights to obtain at the ned of each ICO (program Initiative) specific royalties in BNB or ETH based on the corresponding Percentage of ezLTN hold, called k-Asset(s).
  2. To obtain ezLTNs it is necessary to have access to the various Program ICO initiavie and buy Tokens.
  3. Buyers can register them selves as Start-Up, attaching their information and projects to be financed or they can keep anonimous and just buy ezLTN, supporting the network. it is important remember that even if not registered an ezLTN holder could however receive royalties as per Programs rules (ref. to dedicated section in this page) if its ezLTN amount it is relevant versus program results.
  4. Upon ezLTN purchase the buyer will receive immediately in his wallet all ezLTNs. Currently the starting value is 1 BNB = 10 ezLTN, same ratio will be maintained for the pair ETH / ezLTN.
  5. Upon Program Cap ICO achievement and/or program time closure it will be recognized to ezLTN Holders - as per specific program rules - their initial Investment plus all K-Asset generated Royalties.
  6. K-Asset Royalties will be k-proportional to the quantity of ezLTN hold.
  7. Not all participants will receive royalties, being the fund ditribution process limited up to its saturation, existing always a maximum value in regards the Program Cap target and linked to the program rules.
  8. Program rules will pay ezLTN owners in DECRESCENT order, starting by ezLTN holders with higher amount of ezLTN (therefore with more relevant K-Asset ratio).
All royalties, when happen, will be paid to the target ezLTN holders in BNB or ETH, based on the reference network where various Program ICOs have been launched.

ezLTN Programs

Program ICO#01: Kick-off
BSC Network


BSC Mainnet: Cap 100.000 BNB
Referral Premium: 5% – Leverage: x1

Fund Distribution
ezLTN Start-Up: 50% cap raised
| Registered | Not Registered |

With ezLTN you will support Ideas & Projects

K-Asset(s) Royalties are agreed upon as Percentage of ezLTN called k-Asset(s) Factor
Calculation is: [ Total Traded Price ] x [ POP ] x Leverage

The POP is the property % of K-asset of each ezLTN Holder & it corresponds to the amounts of ezLTN that Start-Ups are holding in their Wallets at the Market Cap Achievement Moment”

Let’s do an example in BSC Network

Program Cap = 100 BNB
Fund Distribution = 50%
Leverage applied (L) is x1

2 Start-ups are buying tokens:

Start-Up A: 12 ezLTN (1.2 BNB)
Start-Up B: 20 ezLTN (2.0 BNB)

When the Program Cap is achieved

Start-Up A
Value: (12/1000)*(0.5*100 BNB)*L = 0.6 BNB
Total Paid = Value + Invested 1.2 = 1.8 BNB

Start-Up B
Value: (20/1000)*(0.5*100 BNB)*L = 1.0 BNB
Total Paid = Value + Invested 2.0 = 3.0 BNB

1) Process will be Stopped at Saturation of the Fund Distribution
2) Saturation Process will give priority to the ezLTN Holder with Higher Quantity in DECRESCENT Order
3) In case of equal ezLTN amounts the selection it will be random
4) IMPORTANT: Not all the participants will receive the Royalties as per ezLTN Model above explained

The amazing feature is that “ezLTN Staff will evaluate all Start-Up Projects submitted into the program (during the registration) and will generate a K-Ranking.

Be the best in ezLTN !

Based on such Ranking the Staff will issue Additional ezLTN to the Start-Up ezLTN Holders. “Good project with low initial ezLTN amount can increase profit expectations

Binance Coin

Binance Coin


BNB -1.45%




ETH 0.44%

Another Example with Multiple Start-Ups

ezLTN: Believe in your Ideas!

In this second example it will be paid before the Start-Up 6, after the Start-Up 3, after the Start-Up 4, after the Start-Up 5, after the Start-Up 2 and finally the Start-Up 1.

This process for all ezLTN ICOs will follow until MCAP ( 100BNB x Fund Distribution limit 50% ) it will be achieved. All other Start-UpS still present won’t receive any royalties and their initial investment will be therefore allocated to their competitors or to the ICO Pool.

PAYMENT into ezLTN’s StartUp Owner Wallet in BNB (or ETH)

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