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We know it for a fact, that any company’s and people grade of success (or failure) can be measured via their Ideas!
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Business model is the mechanism through which company generates its profit for the years to come.
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Business plan for All

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“Zero loss” thinking identifies where to focus your improvement activities. “Zero-based thinking” is a performance management mind-set in which there is no acceptable level of failure: no off quality, no breakdowns, no delays, no customer complaints, no manufacturing wastes, etc. Through this systematic approach of uncovering root causes of less-than-optimized work streams our clients have achieved great ROI!

We deliver expert and clear financial service and we assure excellence for our Clients. We offer to our Clients the best advice, on time, on target. Using techniques such private bond issues, private debt and equity and other forms of structured finance, we are able to provide expansion and exploratory capital, reviving stagnant or dormant assets.

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We know it for a fact, that any company’s and business grade of success (or failure) can be measured via the data analysis. In our case, the portfolio of our high-end clients, just as well as our performance statistics over the past few months proves us right.

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NFT RankingCurrent Value RangeFuture Value Range *
1 / 5[ 0.35 – 0.50 ] ETHLeverage x10
2/ 5[ 0.59 – 0.75 ] ETHLeverage x15
3 / 5[ 0.75 – 0.95 ] ETHLeverage x30
4 / 5[ 0.95 – 1.05 ] ETHLeverage x50
5 / 5[ 1.05 – 2.50 ] ETHLeverage x100
Gold[ 5.00 – 10.00 ] ETHLeverage x200

(*) This is Forecast / Estimation